Disappointment for UK Tyre Market as the Overall Sales in 2014 Were Not as Expected!

UK tyre market has seen fall in the sales of tyres in 2014. Some of the experts believe that it is not just this year but since 2008, there has been rapid fall in the replacement of wheels for cars. This has increased the value of the replacement items placed in the car. The cost is the major concern for the customers and the main reason behind not replacing the wheels in the car. If you are looking for cheap and best tyres in Hull, selected garages are located in the city that can provide you the finest quality.

Tyres in Hull

Ups and downs in 2014:

At the start of the year, the sales were pretty low and after the first quarter, the replacement of tyre was increased. But in the second half of the year, there was again a fall in the sales. Experts say that the fall in the second half might be due to winter where most of the drivers avoid investing in replacement. But if your car is 3 years or older than that, your car need to have MOTs in Hull to make sure that it is proper condition and replace the parts if necessary.

Next year can be good:

For the UK tyre market, next year can be better than today’s situation says macroeconomic and sector-specific indicators. The market was not busy as it was before six years, but the next year might boost up the sales of the tyres in Hull and all over the UK.

So, if you are not looking for any kind of replacement, do make sure that the car is in proper condition. If you want more insights about your car, book your MOTs in Hull can give you best results.

A Perfect Internet Marketing Strategy Applied by Experts for Hotels this Holiday Season!

There are times when every firm needs marketing; it might be a direct marketing or internet marketing. Most of the experts believe that social media is a powerful weapon in this modern era for any kind of business. For hotels, this holiday season (Christmas and New Year) it’s going to be a test time to earn more by attracting more customers. Experts have some special ways to approach the customers by making some minor changes in the social media profiles of the hotels. Here is what they do:


Customizing the profile:

This includes everything, right from the Facebook cover to Twitter cover page. Few dimensions are taken into consideration to change the covers of the all the social media profiles of a hotel. This is the best way to attract customers by just customizing the cover page. Experts also believe that having a low cost and attractive web design can drive more traffic to the website.

Posting giveaways:

To run a successful social media campaign, the professional internet marketers often post the special offers of your hotel. Giveaways are the perfect one to post on the hotel’s social media profiles to attract more eye-balls of the customers and visitors on the website. According to the experts this is a perfect internet marketing strategy for the hotels to gain more profit this holiday season.

Attractive image posting with offers:

The experts are always aware of the fact that few visitors on the social media profiles convert just because of attractive images and offers in it. The experts use some attractive offers, for example, free things to do in city which are near the hotel, historic places near hotel etc. in the images to get more traffic.

A low cost web design on the hotel’s website can be a key to make the website user-friendly and increase the traffic. If you are looking for similar strategies for your hotel or any other domain, consult an expert today!

Why Should You Choose Blogging When It Comes to Internet Marketing?

Social media is the most powerful forum when it comes to making your presence felt online. If you have approached an internet marketing firm, they will definitely advice you start with the blog for your business. You might be of the opinion that blogs are not important but there are numerous reasons why should you hire a firm to promote you through blogging. Know them here:


Blogs and search engine equation:

Fresh content is loved by the search engines. Especially when the company is offering SEO services, you can ask them to provide you with SEO friendly articles so that your content can rank high on the search engines. These activities will direct your website to the audiences within your reach so that the clients can get in touch with you.

Fresh content lasts long:

When the content is freshly written, it stays on the search engines for long and drives the traffic to your website. However, you must make sure that when the topic is decided for your blog, the SEO experts generate back links to the content. This will give a consistent traffic to your website for days together. Also know what kinds of audiences are attracted to your content so that you can get the blogs written accordingly.

Advertising through blogs:

By getting the blogs written about the news and events related to your company, you can indulge into perfect internet marketing for your firm. It is difficult to update stuff on static web pages. Instead, you can get your news published on social media forums by being realistic and not boasting about your company.

If you reside in the UK and are looking for a firm that can offer you with excellent SEO services as well as marketing strategies, get in touch with one of the authorities here!

Drivers in the UK Avoid Investing in Winter Tyres, Says a Report!

The latest reports and research from Falken Tyres say that drivers in the UK avoid buying winter tyres. Most of the owners in the UK think that there is no need to change them with the season change. The main reason behind it was that their prices are too high during winters.


Reports say:

The reports from Falken Tyres say that more than 20% of the drivers don’t believe that UK is cold enough to change the tyres in the car, whereas 19% don’t change because of the troubles they face while changing them. But if you are looking for a low rate and quality tyres in Hull, there are few selected garages to buy from.

Switch to all season tyre:

The director of Falken Tyres, Matt Smith, said that, “Replacing the normal tyre with an all season tyre can be a better solution for those who avoid winter wheels. With the increase in costs day by day, it is better to store an extra set for your car to cut down the costs.” If your car is older than 3 years then you have to give proper service to it. MOT in Hull can give you a perfect answer about your car condition.

The change in the tyres can give you extra brake options and it is safe to drive in chilling temperatures. But if you still feel that they are too costly, you must try the tyres in Hull that are cheap and of high quality. Buy them now!

Festival of Marketing in London to Give You a Perfect Insight of Internet Marketing!

If you are looking to enhance your internet marketing skills and want to know more about the strategies involved, ‘Festival of Marketing‘ is the event you shouldn’t miss. The event is going to be held on 12th and 13th of November at Tobacco Dock, London. The main theme of the event will be to improve the modern marketing by implementing creative ideas for your business. The majority of the speakers are high-profile people from various fields including special guests.


Various agendas:

The speakers will come up with various sessions on customer experience, creating brand name, content marketing, social media promotions and importance of low cost web design and so on. The sessions will be conducted by different speakers at Festival of Marketing event. Aleyda Solis, an international SEO consultant will give you an insight of award-winning strategies in a multi-device search world.

From a beginner to CEO:

Make your way from beginner to a company CEO by getting some creative ideas when you attend the event. Few company CEOs will share their success stories and this will really give you a boost to build a best internet marketing firm in the UK. The MD of Microsoft Mobile UK & Ireland will give you a perfect insight of customers’ experience.

Book your tickets:

If you are looking to attend this event the tickets are available on the official website for £595 only. Make your way to success by attending this event and get tips on low cost web design, content marketing, social media and so on. You are sure to gain more knowledge of today’s internet marketing world.

The event will be held on 12-13 November in London. Don’t miss this only chance to enhance your marketing skills!

Internet Marketing Skills of A University Graduate Surprise Business Giants!

Shaun Roberts, a graduate from Glyndŵr University has left the business world in awe with these marketing skills. Shaun has been named as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Wales. When he turned 19, he started working for an internet marketing agency as he received a lot of support from Glyndŵr University.


Shaun knows it all:

Shaun Roberts is an expert at several domains like web designing, SEO, marketing and has provided services for several firms based in the region and across. Graduated with the subject Computer Network Management, the computer freak is pursuing a PHD in context aware computing by establishing contacts with the top firms of his area.

Upcoming projects:

Shaun has featured in a regional magazine named Wales Online and has been named amongst the 35 young entrepreneurs who have carved a niche in their business. After this achievement, Shaun has taken up several projects and has been providing advice to the potential entrepreneurs about the importance of internet marketing and how they can improve upon the sales.

Experience galore:

When Shaun was just 14, he had attended a Careers Wales event for motivating entrepreneurs to carve unique ideas. After attending the event and attending the university the business bug moved in him and he decided to have his own venture. Knowing a lot about SEO and other marketing strategies, he said that “I offer services that help the new businesses in the market to grow and it feels great to work with such business owners.”

Glyndŵr University has played a huge role in Shaun’s life and he works with the career team of the university to guide the upcoming entrepreneurs. His success has proved that whether you have a small scale business or a large one, internet marketing is must as it makes the presence of your business felt on the major internet domains.

Drivers in UK Drive with Worn Out Tyres and Don’t Go for Mots, Concludes a Survey!

A recent survey has proved that 22% of drivers use second hand tyres in their car rather than replacing with new ones in order to save money. This survey included several areas in the UK including Hull. It was also found that 17% of the people who drove cars often reconsidered their decision to use old tyres and more of them would prefer to use new tyres.


It is very important for all the cars based in Hull and other areas of the UK to undergo Mots, a test undertaken by Ministry of Transport to check whether the cars are worth driving on the roads or not.

Three major issues:

After the survey was conducted, 3 major issues were found. The first major issue which came up was that the used tyres mostly failed as the damages sustained even when they were fitted to the cars of the new owners. The second issue noted in the survey was that the drivers reported that the used tyre led to lack of grip resulting to accidents. And last but not the least, was the issue of failed MOTs.

Surveyor speaks:

A person named Roger Griggs, from Kwik Fit, who was one of the surveyors said that “Our research was conducted to bring forth the problems that are being experienced by the British drivers.” He further added that when the motorists consider buying used and worn out tyre, they must ask why the tyre is being given to them in the first place.”

It is quite obvious that the drivers from all over the world always want to avoid the motoring expenses but they must make sure that their cars undergo the MOT test. There are many garages in the UK that offer certified MOTs to the drivers. Get in touch with one of them now!

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